Saving Specifiers Time & Reducing Unbilled Hours


It’s generally accepted that architects and architectural technologists are some of the most time-poor professions within any industry.

Partly to blame for this is the enormous amount of research that goes into vital design and construction decisions during a project.

We speak with a lot of specifiers, and we have regularly been told that the product research process can often take up to 10% of a total project, which adds up to a whole lot hours which normally fall under ‘unbilled’ and take away from other parts of the project.

Today we’re having a quick look at 5 ways SpecifiedBy can help improve a specifiers efficiency whilst actually improving the quality and depth of the research being carried out.

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Are Testing Regimes for New Construction Products Fit for Purpose?

This is a guest post by Steve Broadhurst, Technical Services Manager at Jablite, looking at alternative ways of testing and certifying new building products.

At EcoBuild this year, Richard Lee, managing director at Jablite, was on a panel to discuss ‘Maximising Building Performance – could manufacturers do more?’

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