Carpet That’s Seen But Not Heard

Sharni Verity, Marketing Executive at Heckmondwike FB, discusses how specifying carpet can address acoustic issues in offices.

One of the most common complaints in office environments is the inability to work due to noise pollution.  Hard flooring, such as timber, tile or laminates can contribute to the problem, especially where an office is open plan or has several storeys.

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Carpets: What a difference colour can make

Carpet - Array

It is an increasingly widely recognised fact that the environment you work in every day has an influence on how productive you are.

Research* has shown that colour in the workplace can encourage creativity, productivity and give a boost to morale.  Some colours have been found to actually raise productivity levels and to minimise fatigue and improve team working.

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Building Regulations, British Standards and an Information Paper – What do they all mean for Stair Nosings?

This is a guest post from the technical team at Quantum Flooring Solutions. You can find them on SpecifiedBy, Twitter or visit their website here.

There are five documents, which give guidance for the design of stairs (and application of associated Stair Nosings) for use in buildings with public or shared use:

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Passivhaus: Just for Energy Geeks and Treehuggers. Isn’t it?

This is a guest post by Architect, Elrond Burrell, where he shares why Passivhaus is so important to the construction industry and beyond.

Passivhaus is known as the worlds leading energy efficiency standard for buildings. It drives building energy consumption down as much as 90%. This means paying very close attention to how a building is designed, detailed and constructed to ensure energy is used efficiently and not wasted. It means undertaking very detailed energy and performance modeling during the design process. This can all seem a bit complicated and geeky, so why not leave it to the geeks who love this kind of thing? And only Treehuggers are so into saving energy aren’t they?

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Are Testing Regimes for New Construction Products Fit for Purpose?

This is a guest post by Steve Broadhurst, Technical Services Manager at Jablite, looking at alternative ways of testing and certifying new building products.

At EcoBuild this year, Richard Lee, managing director at Jablite, was on a panel to discuss ‘Maximising Building Performance – could manufacturers do more?’

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Let’s Not Be Passive About Phase Change Materials (PCM)

Phase Change Materials

This is a guest post by Jeremy Sumeray of Armstrong Ceilings, looking at the benefits of using of PCMs in ceiling products.

“Greening” buildings is not a modern phenomenon. Using elements of them to conserve energy and their impact on the environment is a practice that goes back to prehistoric times when cavemen intuitively recognised the value of thermal mass in creating a comfortable indoor environment.

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In the Zone with Flooring Design

Zonal Flooring Design

This is a guest post by Abby Chandler, Marketing Manager at Heckmondwike, looking at the use of zoning in flooring design.

Open plan spaces continue their popularity for offices, schools and colleges, with architects looking for clever ways to create demarcation without partitions and barriers. This is where specifiers are using carpet creatively to achieve their aspirations.

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